My old kitchen towel bar

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My old kitchen towel bar was looking like this…

My old kitchen towel bar

Bit droopy!  Like a few of my other things but let’s not go there right now. :/

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If you’re interested in buying a glass towel bar be warned they are hard to find.  I guess most broke!

Here’s how I fixed the droop in the towel bar.

Country Design Style

So I took it to the workshop.  Grabbed a piece of leftover cedar.  Cut it 3 inches longer than the glass rod.  Then, I grabbed my bead edge router bit.  It creates a bead or half round edge along the wood.

Country Design Style

Then preceded to router an edge.  Perfect for the dust to settle nicely along the top edge!!!  Anyway I like the beaded edge:)

Country Design Style

Then I carefully marked the centers of the glass rod on both ends.  I figured I needed to be pretty exact because I don’t think the glass will give much!

Country Design Style

Now my favorite technique to turn a new piece of wood into old aged barn wood.

Check out my book below about the barn wood technique. After hundreds of projects using steel wool and vinegar, I had to develop and expand the technique.

Different types of barn wood create with the base of steel wool and vinegar

Above are some of the wood techniques created for the book.

The kitchen towel bar is the basic technique.

kitchen towel bar

I simply screwed my old kitchen towel bar back into place.

Country Design Style

No more drooping towel bar.

Wish it would be that easy to fix my other droopy areas!

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