May Flower Boxes

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May Flower Boxes Country Design Style

We’ve been wanting to put flower boxes along our front porch for years.

It’s May and we finally did it!

You may wonder…why did you hang them when you have a great porch railing?

Well we live in a cabin and at the back is a National forest with thousands of plant eating elk.  They would, and have walked right up to the house for a bite or two or three or lets eat the entire plant.

So we hung them!  Let’s see you reach these yummy delicious plants!  I also hid the ladder from them;D

Building wood flower boxes Country Design Style

I built them and Mike planted the flowers.  I’m not the gardener at our house;)

I cut 7 inch pieces of 6 inch cedar boards.  Stacks and stacks of 7 inch pieces!!

Flower Boxes to paint Country Design Style

Then attached to 1 by 2 holding the planks in place.  Adding more 7 inch pieces to the sides to make a square, then adding boards on the bottom to make a box.

Smaller Flower Box Country Design Style

I painted them an almost black color wanting the boxes to blend not stand out.  We decided 6 flower boxes, two large and four small.

Flower Boxes at fron door County Design Style

We live in a cabin and have these incredible logs that hold up the porch.  We hung two small between the log posts at the front door.

Flower boxes looking out Country Design Style

The two large flower boxes we hung in the middle, and the last two small boxes on the other end.  This is the view from the far side of the porch looking into the yard.  It’s strange, but our May flower boxes gives a curtained off feeling to the porch.

Close up Country Design Style

Looking up at the chains.

May Flower Boxes fp Country Design Style

I love our May flower boxes!  Do you have flower boxes out yet?

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