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Earn money while crafting

Become a Designer and join the fastest growing DIY craft company in years!

There are many ways to earn a living – Teach workshops, online sales, sale finished goods or do it all!

My video about why I made the business decision to join Chalk Couture

Create your own beautiful business

Not sure where to start?

I’m here to help along with the rest of our team with every step of your success

Your journey begins with a starter kit

The amazing kit includes everything you need to start selling and creating.  The kit contains $240 worth of inventory at a discounted price of $99.

Get Designer Dollars

Use designer dollars to get additional products to create with and/or help build your business.  You can use them for yourself or your business.

Get trained by the best

My blogging journey over the pass 6 years was accelerated by my mentor, Gina. Our team has Gina as our mentor for Chalk Couture.  The hard work is done!

Exclusive Facebook group

You’re never alone.  Get help, support, encouragement and laughs on our private Facebook team. 

Build your business to fit your needs

You can work part-time, full time or when the mood strikes.  Simply earn while you create beautiful decor at your own pace. Work around your priorities.

Designer discount

As a Chalk Couture Independent Designer you receive a 40% discount on all products. You can build inventory for workshops too.


Do I need a website to sell Chalk Couture?

No, Chalk Couture maintains your shop page, inventory and checkout system.  As a designer, you pay $20 a month.  The includes the shop plus membership to Club Couture.  Each month you receive a free 8 by 10 transfer.

What is the learning curve to use Chalk Couture?

If you ever used a stencil, Chalk Couture is easier. If you’ve never used a stencil or barely used any craft supplies, Chalk Couture has a hold library filled with tips at your disposal.  Plus, I’m always available to help.

How much does it cost to get started?

To start you purchase a Chalk Couture kit for $99 plus tax and shipping.  The kit contains everything you need to get started.  Then you pay the $20 each month to maintain your shop.

How do I start selling chalk couture?

To join, purchase your Chalk Couture kit.  While you’re waiting for your kit to arrive, I’ll add you to our private Facebook team.  Our team has a library of photos and video you may use to start your chalk adventure. 

What are the ways to earn money?

There are 5 ways to earn money selling Chalk Couture.  You can pick them all or only the ones you are interested in.

1. Hosting at home parties. Invite your friends or have your mom host a party and invite her friends to create beautiful home decor.  You can have inventory available (you make 40%) or place order online (you make 25%)

2. Sell at temporary craft fairs, workshops or community events.  You can not sell inventory a permanent shops, events or antique booths.

3. Sell completely online.  Host live videos including links to your shop. If you have a website you can add a link to your shop.  This is my main source of sales.

4. Make home decor to sell using Chalk Couture.  You can sell in antique booths, fairs, Etsy, your website, or your own store. (just can’t sell Chalk Couture inventory in permanent places.   

5. Sell on Facebook pop-up parties.  Joining our team, makes the pop-up parties super-duper easy.  The hard part is done for you.  We provide the images, slides, videos, text and marketing for you.  All you do is copy and paste.  

Only $99 to start your beautiful business

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