House tour of our cabin, as it is today!

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May Flower Boxes Country Design Style

House tour of our cabin, as it is today!

Because tomorrow something will be different!  “Moan,” that’s Mike moaning, living with a DIY’er.  Most things in our home were bought and repainted, remade or I made from scratch.

Hold onto your hat because our cabin has had guests for the last month.  This morning I ran around snapping pictures just to play along with Hometalk’s house tour feature.  If you don’t know Hometalk, click on over.  I call it Pinterest for everything home!

Above is the front of our cabin with the new flower boxes.  The front porch sold me!  It is the most used “room” of our house.  In fact right now I’m sitting on one of those rocking chairs with the laptop.

House tour Country Design Style

The door along the right wall is the front door.  The area on the left is the living room.  The door in the center is a coat closet with the powder room to the left.  We repainted the insides 15 shades of white.

Powder room Country Design Style

One of the most unusual features, our powder room sink!  It was a piece of leftover log from the log beams in the living and dining room ceiling.  I made the little shelf from yard sale brackets.

Living room Country Design Style

There’s a bad shot of the living room.  I have never taken a good picture of this room.   I have chosen to leave all the windows uncovered.  Privacy or light is not an issue.  We live next to a National forest so you never know what type of animal will walk by.

living room Country Design Style

Above is the rest of the stone fireplace and the staircase to guest rooms upstairs.  Where the stone ends is a walkway to Mike’s office behind the fireplace.  I made the floor mirror from sliding closet doors.  The other door was used to make one for the master bath.

living area Counrty Design Style

Above I’m walking out of Mike’s office and the dining area is in the background.  Bella, my sister’s doggie is on the sofa.  We’re babysitting:)

The office Country Design Style

This is Mike’s office.

dining room Country Design Style

The dining room.  I recently painted the dining hutch.

Our kitchen Country Design Style

The picture above was taken from the same spot as the dining room, just turned a bit:)

kitchen Counrty Design Style

This is from the other side of the dining room into the kitchen.  The door leads to the back porch and outdoor kitchen area. {click to see the before and after}  The area on the right leads to the master bedroom suite, laundry, and door to the garage.

Kitchen Counrty Design Style

Above is the kitchen as you come in from outside.  The door in the center is a pantry.  The thing on the wall is a coffee maker that makes the best cup of coffee ever!  But it’s expensive to maintain so we don’t use it much:)  The very far left door is the garage.  Living room is in the background.

Laundry room Country Design Style

This is the laundry room.  On the left is as you look in and the right is the cabinets behind the door.  Also the best invention, the ironing board in a cabinet!

Our made bed Country Design Style

This is walking into the master bedroom.  You can see more of my favorite room here. 

Master bath 3 Country Design Style

The master bath.  Stay tuned, I have an awesome idea for the big wall of mirrors.  Something that would even work in a rental!  The other closet door mirror is painted white and reflected in the bathroom mirror.

Master bath Country Design Style

Here’s the master bath.  I really need to get busy in our bathroom.  The curtains have to go!  But we love the tub.  A simple board was made to lay across the tub for home magazines and a glass of wine:)

The staircase Country Design Style

Now we are back in the living room looking into the vast expanse that is our stairway.  The little thrift store table has been scads of different colors.  It will be a gallery walls of wonderful black and white photography.  As soon as I get a good picture or two, or three, or twenty:-D

Craft room Country Design Style

At the top of the landing is an area that is my craft room.  I made the black cabinet years ago to hold a large TV.  Recently I remade it to hold craft supplies.  The door leads onto the balcony.

Guest room west Country Design Style

One the west side is one guest room and bath.  Please, please, remember I haven’t done much to the upstairs since we painted.  This room was always “girly.”  I plan on redoing this room into more of a “rusty tomboy” room.

BathroomsUpstairs Country Design Style

The Bathrooms for each room are exactly the same.  Plus right now still stripped down to the bare rugs, heh heh.  I have some work to do!

Guest room east Country Design Style

And finally, there’s the guest room east or kids room.  Just like the bathrooms the guest rooms are exactly the same in size.  I want to finish this room in a primitive farmhouse style.

Balcony Counrty Design Style

The balcony on the east side.

Balcony west Country Design Style

and the west side.  This time of year it’s too hot to spend time here, but in the fall and winter it’s great!

Balcony view Country Design Style

The view from the balcony of the Mazatzal Mountains.

Craft room 2 Country Design Style

Walking back inside here’s the view of the rest of the craft room.  I made the round bookcase inspired by Pottery Barn.  The frames on the left are vacation pictures over the years.

That’s our cabin!  Thanks for stopping by.  Next time, stay a bit longer.

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