Hometalk Meetup Arizona

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How about a Hometalk meetup Arizona for all DIYers. 

Are you on HomeTalk?

You should be and here’s why.

If you’re a homeowner, renter, gardener, diyer, or home professionals you’ll love Hometalk.  Those who have a website involving any aspect of the home you can connect with others that have your interest.

You can ask questions to plumbers, get help understanding your lawn, be inspired by DIY projects, get easy cleaning tips, and show off your own ideas, projects, and tips.

Plus Country Design Style is on HomeTalk!


On April 27 a group of Arizona home bloggers will be joining up with Hometalk.  We plan to meet up in Historic Downtown Glendale. We will start the adventure with lunch at The Spicery and spend the rest of the day antique shopping in the historic downtown district of Glendale.

Follow along with the group and all the antics on April 27 on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. The group will be using the hashtag #hometalkmeetupaz.

Plus after the event, the group will be posting a creative task.  During our shopping, we will be looking for an item under $10 that we get creative with and link up to each other’s posts.  Fun for all.

“See” you then at the Hometalk meetup Arizona!

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