Homa Style to Country Design Style

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Homa Style to Country Design Style, why?

Homa Style to Country Design Style

This decision was a struggle for me to make.  I love Homa Style.

The name was short.

The letters were the last four in Oklahoma where I grew up and where my heart remains in an old farmhouse.  Homa was all about farmhouse style.

So why change??

Country Design Style

1.  A techie reason.  I started Homa Style with yahoo small business as my host.  They have been wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable.  But they do not use cpanel.  Who knew I would be interested in having a cpanel??  Homa Style was also build on a free website.  Don’t ever start on a free website builder.  When I decided I needed to add a blog, I did one thing right and when to WordPress.org.  After a few months I realized the entire website could and should be build on WordPress.  Another mistake, I build the website on a sub domain.  Basically it was http://homastyle.com/wp.  To get rid of the wp I needed to rebuild.  Ugh!

2.  While I loved the name Homa, people didn’t get it unless they happened onto it on the website.  In “real” life people struggled to say Homa.  Go ahead and try it, I’ll wait.

3.  Those two words, niche and branding.  I love farmhouses.  We live in a cabin.  So I opened the niche a bit with country.  Country covers, cabins, farmhouses, cottages, bungalows and any simple style of living.  Branding?  Still working on that one.

4.  Before I chose the name Homa I did a bit of research.  Homa means red.  Okla means people.  Oklahoma was named for the Native Americans in the area.  Homa also means fire.  I was okay with what I found at the time.  As Homa Style grew I found many comments in other languages which is wonderful.  Occasionally I would send comments to translate.  Oophs, Homa means some sort of ritual in some countries.

Homa Style to Country Design Style

Country Design Style was born!

Hostgator is the host and I have a cpanel!  Now to figure out what to do with it:)

Country Design Style is understood and easy to say, again go ahead and try, I don’t mind waiting.

Country opens the niche, at least in my head.  I can write about living in a cabin, or cottage, or farmhouse.  The word Design I wanted because I’m always designing, drawing and building.  Love solving problems through design.  Style, I simply like the way the word looks.  A curvy S, the cross of the T the drop of the Y, the height of the L and all ending with an E.  Country Design Style I like the feeling it invokes.

I will probably be working on branding forever!  If you have any ideas in that area let me know in comments.

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