Framed Planter

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Framed Planter

During our Hometalk Meetup in Downtown Glendale Arizona the group decided to rummage for an item under $10 to do something creative and post about our finds.  I decided to do a framed planter.

6 dollar frame

I found a sweet little frame with the perfect amount of distress and charming little decorative onlays in each corner.  The frame is black but my great photography skills shows it blue above;)

The frame didn’t have glass and that’s prefect for my plans.

simple box

I measured the sides and made a simple, very simple box the same size as the frame.  I used scrap 1 by 4 pine and a 1 by 6 cedar piece for the bottom.  I didn’t use nails, just my favorite Elmer’s Wood glue.

dry brushed

Next I dry brushed an almost black paint.  I mix 3 parts of black paint with 1 part dark green to get a softer black.  I covered the inside completely.

sanded rustic box

Next I used a coarse sanding block and uncovered the wood grain.

tea painting

Then I made a cup of tea.  I didn’t drink it I painted the box with the tea.  I let the tea dry.

ironed vinegar painting

Then I painted on “ironed vinegar”.  Ironed vinegar is a jar with torn pieces of 0000 grade steel wool with white vinegar poured on top and left to set for at least 24 hours.  This technique ages the wood that shows through the black paint.

framed glued and clamped

With a dab of wood glue in each corner, I clamped the frame on the box.

my framed planter

I added a pony pack of flowers and set it on the swing I found at Junk in the Trunk.

I guess it’s a framed planter sitting that way but I could set it upright on either end and it’s a shelf with a cubby!

Carnationa and Cactus

Kim at Carnations and Cactus did a milk glass planter and you must read the tip for drainage.

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