Frequently asked questions I get from readers.  This FAQ page is updated with any popular new questions.


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Where do we live?

Among the elk and wildlife in the mountains of Arizona.  Our town is small with two grocery stores, a Walmart and 40 thrift stores.  That is an exaggeration.  The closest Target store is an hour and a half away.

How long have I been doing DIY projects and decorating?

If you count Barbie houses since I was six.  Otherwise, I helped mom arrange and rearrange furniture around eight.  We move often so lots of practice.  My passion for decorating and decor books started in home ec class in middle school.  Dreaming in floor plans day or night is common.  After getting my dad’s jigsaw at 9 I was hooked on creating with wood.

What is my favorite tool?

The creativity of using a router to make molding and decorative edges fascinates!  This is the brand and closes to my router.  I’ve had mine for almost 20 years.

Another tool I love is a paintbrush.  It has the ability to make the largest change in a room or piece of furniture.  This is my favorite brand.  Not to cheap they leave bristles but now more expensive than the thrift store side table you dragged home.

The jigsaw is still a favorite.  Again the creativity is endless.

The tool I want to learn is the lathe.  I’m obsessed with spindles.  I’ve drawn some I would love to make.  One larger than this lathe is sitting in our garage waiting for me.

How do I come up with my ideas?

Seeing one thing leads down a road to a final project.  Broken crayons in a box reminded me of making placemats with mom.  That lead to several melted crayon projects.  Part of the fascination is trying failing and trying again.  I learned a blow dryer will scatter bits of crayon across a room.  Also, learn if you miss cleaning the pieces of crayon and step on a piece weeks later, it makes a mess on the wood floor.

How long have I been blogging?

Country Design Style started in April 2013.  Before that, I had a blog called Homa Style for almost 3 years.  I didn’t have a clue what I was doing for either until 3 years ago.  Many times now I don’t have a clue!

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