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Easter Mantel

Easter mantel Easter Mantel To color or not to color. Go for glam or keep it rustic. I've spent the last several weeks browsing the web, catalogs, magazines for new inspiration.  The inspiration for a collection of items for the shop and ideas to share with you.  I find inspiration in ... READ the POST

Shop Your Home

Shop your home by color... even if you have to search high and low for the color. There was a time when every room in my home would have pops of green.  It's been my favorite color since I was six.  Back then asking, "what's your favorite color?" was a huge part of getting to know a new friend. I ... READ the POST

Hot Wood Glue Tips

Have you tried using hot glue on wood?  Doesn't work...right?  There are wood glue sticks!  I'm sharing hot wood glue tips.  Yep, that's hot WOOD glue. Today I'm sharing tips and tricks to using hot glue for your woodworking projects... and when NOT to use it. Doesn't it seem there are as many ... READ the POST

Readers Projects

Today the website is being taken over by readers.  Two readers.  They both designed their projects and took photos to share with us all. I'm putting my feet up and planning the next series to watch on Netflix.  Mike and I finally finished watching all 155 episodes of West Wing.  You know you're ... READ the POST

Falling Flowers Spring Sign

You know when you get an idea for a project and can't wait to try it?  This falling flowers spring sign is one of those projects. Is it winter white or spring light? It's a matter of where you are and time of the year. Yesterday my falling flower spring sign was spring light. Today is ... READ the POST

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Loves Me, loves me not???  How many daisies did you destroy trying to answer that question? And just who was the "he?" Today I'm sharing an easy idea to decorate with daisies.   This post contains affiliate links.  Click here to read my full disclosure policy. Don’t have ... READ the POST

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