DIY Project Kits



DIY Project kits! Order a DIY Project kit filled with materials to build your own creative DIY project. The designing & cutting is done for you! Country Design Style

DIY Project Kits????

Yep!  I’m busy in the workshop….and snow and rain…to put together DIY project kits.

Each kit comes with

  • All the materials cut and ready to assemble and paint.
  • Full instructions with basic tools and supplies needed to assemble and paint
  • Uniquely packaged in rustic style and sent to your doorstep

Perfect for:

New DIYers.

DIYers without the time needed to make creative projects.

DIYers not interested in the saws, sawdust and drills.

Plus, creative gifts!

When will the DIY kits be ready to order?

Spring 2015

I’m designing and cutting spring DIY home decor items perfect for the DIY project kits!


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