DIY farmhouse style ornament

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Don’t you just love those speedy videos that are all over Facebook?

They show a mouthwatering dessert made in 52 seconds.

Party food for 36 people made in 41 seconds.

Can’t you imagine how much you could get done if you could go that fast?  Or eat???

Well, today I turn it up to 8 times faster and made a speedy video.

My DIY farmhouse style ornament took 56 seconds to make. 😉

DIY Farmhouse Style Ornament

Today a group of bloggers is sharing DIY tips to make a junk ornament. Please check out the other ornaments at the bottom of this post.

Junk Visionaries

The junk ornament I picked to make I first made 35 years ago. I was working at a daycare center. The ornament today is made the same way but in a farmhouse style.

Supplies for farmhouse ornament

For this junk project, you need


An old spoon

Scrap pieces of fabric {about 2 to 3-inch pieces}

4-inch styrofoam ball

A piece of twine

A straight pin and the

One drop of glue

There is the speedy video to help show how easy this junk ornament is to make.

Instructions are written below…incase my hands were moving too fast! 😀

Place a piece of fabric on the Styrofoam ball. Press the edges of the fabric using the spoon into the ball.

Continue around all edges. Place another piece of fabric next to the last piece. Press the edges of this fabric into the ball.

Continue until fabric covers the ball. You can cut fabric into any shape to fit an open area.

To hang in your junk ornament, cut 8 inches of twine. Make a loop and tie the ends. Push the straight pin into the knot, add a dot of glue, then push into the ball.



Easy Farmhouse Ornament


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  1. Thanks for sharing. What a great use of scrap fabric. Sort of a crazy quilt ornament😊 and rainy day
    I think I will make these with our young grands! So easy and safe with a spoon!

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