Cheap decorating idea for animal crates


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A cheap decorating idea for animal crates.

Those precious animals that have the good fortune to live in our homes as members of our family, come with some unsightly accessories.

{We can no longer remember that this toy was, but it’s Homer’s fav-o-rite!}

Homer is a very large, very sweet 120 lb. German Shepherd {he’s a German German Shepherd, usually taller without the large chest of American German Shepherds.} He was crate trained and loves his crate…a large crate, very large crate, monster of a crate. Well you get the picture. I figured out a simple and cheap way to hide the huge plastic monster. On top I placed a large board {MDF would work fine} which is painted on top and sides. I used a dark brown paint. Can’t say the color because I’ve mixed in black at one point to make it darker.

I bought four yards of canvas fabric for under $10. Placing the board on top I measured from the top to the floor and added 2″. I also measured around all four sides adding 2″. Next I sewed a 1/2 inch hem around all four sides. Glue or sewing tape would work if you didn’t want to sew.

Then using the trusty hot glue gun {trusty until I burnt my thumb!} I hot glued a long strip of hook and loop tape {okay Velcro} along the top edge of the canvas. This crate makes a table large enough to be a small dining table. Smaller crates would make great side tables and tiny crates could work as foot stools. Homer’s crate is large so the board just sits on top, but if I did smaller crates I would use Velcro to secure the board to the crate.

Next I hot glued the other side of the Velcro all around the bottom edge of the wood top.

The front can be gathered into the Velcro to give Homer a draped effect for the front. We usually keep the draped effect…makes it open and easier for him to get inside, and he feels “fancy”!

I spend ten dollars for fabric, fourteen for Velcro, and the wood board I had.

I made a new sign for the front, after all he’s learning to read;)

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    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m not sure what happen??? This post is old, one of my first from 2013. My other old posts have photos. I’ll update with photos when I can find them in my computer files. I’m sad to say, Homer passed 2 years ago and the crate was donated. Let me see what I can do. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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