Art Book Jackets

art book jackets

art for book jackets http://countrydesignstyle.comWe bought this painting at a thrift store last week for $6. It was on sale!

I have to admit…I bought it for the frame. :/

I use broken and distressed frames for many scrap projects like my scrap wood mantel.

While this frame is not broken, I thought it was distressed enough to maybe take apart...

I know, shameful!

Thankfully I came to my senses and had another project I wanted to try!!!

Please click to continue reading this post on my art book jackets….

I’m working on some updates and hope the above link works! :/ Our German Shepherd, Homer is on the email list too. I’m heading over to check out how this works. Bare with me!

Burlap Gift Box


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Sharing my Creative Wanderings on the Blogland Tour


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Bathtub Board

bathtub board #bathroom #diy

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Thrift Shop Finds Part 2

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Mantels and Fireplaces

mantels and fireplaces

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Dresser Painting and Updated Knobs

dresser painting

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Modern Back to School Wreath

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Back to School Wreath

Back to School Wreath #backtoschool #wreath

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Chandelier Ring Art

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Home Tours Organization

home tour organization #organize

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Rustic Style

rustic style with aged wood #rusticstyle #diy #agedwood

We live in a cabin so rustic style works for us.  We’ve lived in a beach home, a Scottsdale home and rustic style worked then too.  In fact every home, condo, apartment, duplex or mobile home I’ve ever live in, the rustic style was perfect. Guess I’m a rustic kind o’gal! I’ve notice to get […]

15 Front Porch Rustic Ideas

15 Front Porch Rustic Ideas #porch #rustic #DIY

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Numbered Table

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