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September Fall Wreath

September fall wreath #fall #wreath #rusticOn the first Monday of each month this year I’ve redecorated the same grapevine wreath. You can see all months do overs below. I’m also not purchasing anything to add to each wreath. Using only things I have on hand.

September is a fall, almost! When I think of a fall wreath, I think of burlap. I have burlap!

I started upstairs for the burlap, and then rethought.

What about something different???

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Share Your Project

share your project http://countrydesignstyle,com #shareyourprojectThe DIY blogging community is large and friendly. I’m friends with so many DIY bloggers and love sharing their projects, ideas and inspirations.

Not like the sales job I had in the 80′s!

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Decoupage Furniture

decoupage-furniture-country-design-style-thumbIt’s themed furniture day! The day a creative group of DIY home blogger redo a piece of furniture in a themed way. I’m thrilled to be included with such a talented group of women. We all linked our post up together so you can easily visit each one. This month the theme is “decoupage.”


I’ve never decoupage a piece of furniture in my life!

But a hunk of ham saved me!

Please click to read more about the ham that saved my decoupage here….

Workshop Clean Up

workshop clean up http://countrydesignstyle.comMy little workshop needed cleaned out and up!

Usually I pull everything out twice a year. Just before winter and before summer.

I missed the just before summer clean out and up this year….ugh!

Can you believe all this was inside my little workshop?

This is more about the great idea I got while cleaning than about cleaning!

Please click here to read more about that great idea….

Home Tour Our Living Room

hour tour our living room #hometourToday is home tour and I’m giving a tour of our living room.

Please click to continue reading about our living room in the cabin….

There’s been peeks of the living room along this blogging adventure, but not a real peek.

What can I get you to drink?

Wouldn’t that be fun if I could hand you a drink through your computer right now?

Flower Power Pumpkin

flower power pumpkin #pumpkin #fallCan you fit a square peg into a round hole?

Yes! How? Make it fit.

I when to our local dollar store for a round Styrofoam ball and all they had is square. Did I head over to another store?

No, I decided I could make it into a round shape…or close to it.

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Art Book Jackets

art for book jackets http://countrydesignstyle.comWe bought this painting at a thrift store last week for $6. It was on sale!

I have to admit…I bought it for the frame. :/

I use broken and distressed frames for many scrap projects like my scrap wood mantel.

While this frame is not broken, I thought it was distressed enough to maybe take apart...

I know, shameful!

Thankfully I came to my senses and had another project I wanted to try!!!

Please click to continue reading this post on my art book jackets….

I’m working on some updates and hope the above link works! :/ Our German Shepherd, Homer is on the email list too. I’m heading over to check out how this works. Bare with me!

Burlap Gift Box

It’s time for an Easy Breezy project, don’t you think? It’s almost time to start shopping for that big holiday that sneaks up on me very year.  I actually made a note in July to start thinking about gifts to buy and decorating to plan.  Want to know what I did with the note? Moved […]

Sharing my Creative Wanderings on the Blogland Tour

Whew!  I’m taking a deep breath and a break from DIY today and I’m sharing my Creative Wanderings on the Blogland Tour. What’s the blogland tour?? It’s like the most amazing mindbending ride at your favorite amusement park for DIYer’s! The tour takes you though other  DIY home blogs you might not already know.  Plus […]

Bathtub Board

An easy project and it takes out ALL frustrations!!! We have a separate bath tub with one of those awesome faucets. We even hung a TV on the wall, but we needed something to hold the soap! A bathtub board! A simple piece of wood does the trick.  I cut a 10 inch wide board […]

Thrift Shop Finds Part 2

I popped into my favorite local thrift shop a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled at my finds. When I got home I started looking at my treasures and… one of them, I’m pretty sure…I donated at few months before! I rebought it! But at least it goes to a wonderful cause.  Our local […]

Mantels and Fireplaces

Summer’s not even thinking about leaving, and I’m doing a post about mantels and fireplaces! But think about it, the back to school displays will be a pile of debris in the next few weeks.  What comes after that… fall decorations mixed with a ton of Halloween. So, it’s time to at least start thinking […]

Dresser Painting and Updated Knobs

Dresser painting and updated knobs for our guest room. This is a small dresser found at a yard sale for $3! It was an ugly yellow and when I first bought it home I gave it a coat of green paint. In our previous home it sit on the back patio with pool toys inside. […]

Modern Back to School Wreath

At times around the cabin… we get goofy! Mike and I were sitting this morning on our… favorite chairs.  Talking about my grandson going back to school and the… back to school wreath post I did for August. I got a slight little lots of teasing about my slide rule on the back to school […]