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Grinder Playhouse


Popular Mechanics Home Handyman Encyclopedia & Guide Volume 11, the blue covered book! Way back in the early 60′s my dad bought a set of encyclopedias and for buying the set he received a free set of Popular Mechanics Home Handyman Encyclopedia & Guide. I think he wanted the Popular Mechanics Home Handyman Encyclopedia & […]

Mason Jar Seal Tags


With all the mason jar crafts around I’ve been doing I’m finding an abundance of mason jar seals stacking up.  It seems adding candles or using them as vases, leaves the seal outta the picture. What to do with a stack of mason jar seals??? Make mason jar seal tags! Above I painted the seals […]

Kitchen Scraps


The idea for Kitchen Scraps came to me months ago when I was in the middle of making something to hide our ugly cable box.  You can see and read about how to hide the cable box here. Look similar?? I actually bought the wooden kitchen utensils way back then and just yesterday got around […]

Buyers Remorse Repurposed


Have you ever bought something, dragged it home and later wondered why did I buy this! I get buyers remorse and but then find a way to repurpose it.  Here’s two buyers remorse furniture pieces. Buyers remorse repurposed! The two pieces above are from the same piece.  A great vintage hutch that had incredible spindle […]

Design Ideas from a Hotel Room


Okay, I have to admit.  I not sure if I sharing design ideas from a hotel room or sharing our recent vacation pictures! We spent 9 glorious days in Oahu celebrating Mike’s retirement.  Mike actually retired 3 years ago, we’re just slow. The photo above is the view from our hotel room. I know!  Gorgeous!!!! […]

Happy First Anniversary Country Design Style


Happy first anniversary Country Design Style! And what do you give a website for it’s first birthday? A new header for the website! Do you like it?  {Added comment:  Okay, I’m already playing around with the banner!} I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I put up the first post, 15 Shades of […]

One Wreath Twelve Ways April


Throughout the year I’m taking one grapevine wreath and redoing it for each month. One wreath twelve ways April is burlap nests, mattress ticking, and hydrangeas. I started with leftover burlap threads I pulled when making the inspired by art burlap wall hangings.  I cut the long strings into shorted pieces about 2 inches long. […]

Sea Glass Mason Jar

sea-glass-mason-jar-country-design-style-SQ #masonjar #seaglass

I love Pismo Beach! We had the incredible opportunity to live there for five glorious years.  The sea glass in the photo above next to my newly made sea glass mason jar is my collection gathered on the cool cold sandy beach.  Pismo Beach is between LA and San Francisco with a bit more San […]

Monogrammed Eggs

monogrammed-eggs-country-design-style-thumb #monogrammedeggs

It’s my turn to show you my Easter crafts and decor showcase project.  Yeah! I hope you’re following along all this week as 20 home bloggers come together share with all our readers our Easter projects. Last year I did wooden Easter Eggs and this year I’m doing monogrammed eggs!  Wooden monogrammed eggs. Why do […]

Chalkboard Easel

chalkboard-easel-country-design-style-thumb #chalkboardeasel

Our local golf club needed a chalkboard easel to place on the driving range to announce upcoming event and tournaments. So I made them one! It’s pretty basic when you break it down.  Simply make two frames to insert plywood boards that’s painted with chalkboard paint.  Add a couple of hinges on top.  And you […]

Junk Wreath

junk-wreath-sq-country-design-style #junkwreath

Junk wreath and perseverance! The junk wreath was inspired by Holly at 504 Main. Holly made this creative and amazing burlap and wood wreath for the Michaels Hometalk Pinterest event. I simply love it! Please click the link to see how Holly made the wreath.  I used the same technique but added my junk! This […]

Spring Banner

spring-burlap-banner-sq-country-design-style #burlapbanner

What do you make when you’ve had a night of bad dreams and are too tired to make a complicated DIY project? Ever have a dream where you’re so active in the dream, running, knocking through doors, jumping over barrels that when you wake up, you’re pooped? That happened the night before I planned to […]

Easy Breezy March Tip

Easy-Breezy-Tip-Country-Design-Style #picnictablecloth #picnictip #outdoordining

The easy breezy March tip is so simple and perfect timing for the breezy days of March. Tired of the picnic tablecloth blowing over the potato salad? Using four binder clips and four 10 inch pieces of wired ribbon fixes the problem. I find this works better that the weighted clips because it pulls the […]

Room Tour Bathrooms

Home Tour BN Room Tour Bathrooms

Today on our room tour bathrooms, we’re peeking into the before and afters of total bathroom makeovers.  The pictures below are the after photos of amazing transformations.  Please click on the links or pictures at see the wild, crazy and plain builder befores and the creative steps each took to turn them into the beauties […]