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My Friends Knock Off Tour

My friends knock off tour

My knock off is my favorite online catalog.

Ballard Designs

I’ve been knocking off their products for years. I don’t feel too bad because I a big customer too!

Wait is that a delivery truck outside!!!

Please click to read more about my friends knock off tour here…

Country Design Keeping 3

Country Design Keeping http://countrydesignstyle.comHappy Saturday!

It’s raining today in Arizona! So I thought I would sit on the front porch and write a quick Country Design Keeping post.

There’s still a ton of happenings I think you will enjoy.

Plus come “visit” and “DIY” with me “live” online tomorrow!

What fun!

Please click along to read more and how to DIY with me live online here…

Two Tone Furniture Makeover

Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYI’m blessed.

I have the opportunity to join a creative group of furniture makeover—ers!

I get to share their talents here with you…and learn things along the way.

This project moved me to step out from my usual style.

I had two “design assistants” for this project. They’re both two toned now!

Please click here to continue reading about the two tone furniture makeover here…

Festival of Fall Tour

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorFinally!

It’s fall ya’ll!

Add…it’s the Festival of Fall Tour time.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of creative blogger friends that allow my “outta the box” DIY projects to join their beautiful fall inspirations.

Let me know if I toned down my DIY for this tour, okay?

Please click here to see ALL the Fall Festival activities here….

Junk Shopping

junk shopping #junk #fun #diyI’m not a shopper.

Mike might think differently!

Heading out to buy clothes, shoes, groceries…ugh!

Junk Shopping….

I’m there!

and I’m there…

for hours!

This last Saturday was Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market in Scottsdale.

In Arizona it’s hard to find vintage goodness. When you do find a great chippy old window, or old barn wood you’re going to pay quite a bit.

To read and see picture of the vintage goodness I found click here…

Best of DIY Link Party Scrapy Junky Pumpkins

Best of DIYI’m totally exhilarated!

Today is The Best of the Best of DIY Link Party!

And I’m thrilled to be included in the group of such talented and inspiring ladies.

If you love Shabby Chic, Vintage or Farmhouse styles and re~purposing and DIY home projects…

...this is the place for you!

Everything will be here from painting furniture, remaking furniture, crafts, seasonal ideas, all…The Best of the Best!

Today I’m sharing a new project in one of my old styles for my Best of DIY.

To see and read more Best of the Best of DIY click here….

Pecans Trains and Acorns

pecans trains and acorns #fall #falldecor #acornsWhen is pecan season?

I had an amazing idea and I needed pecans!

Not to eat…

although that sounds good too,

but to decorate the cabin for autumn.

My amazing idea started with…

wimpy acorns.

What about the trains? …click to read more about pecans, trains & acorns…

Thrift Benefit Local Event

Thrift Benefit Instagram Shopping #thriftbenefitI’m stepping out from behind the computer for a Thrift Benefit Local Event.

I’ll be nervous! Can you hold my hand??

But it’s for a wonderful cause.

The Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals.

The Humane Society of Central Arizona’s Thrift Shop and Vintage Boutique will have yours truly giving furniture painting demonstrations on October 4.

I’ll need a table set up, displays, painting tips…oh my!

I’m asking for your opinions on CDS Facebook page as things come up for the event. Make sure you’re following. :)

Please click to read more about the local event…

Country Design Keeping 2

Country Design Keeping http://countrydesignstyle.comThere’s so much happening lately I thought the best way to “keep” you informed and updated is with another “keeping” post.

“So what’s going on?” You ask.

Only the Best of DIY collection! Yep the very best!

Then a fun and creative benefit for sheltered animals! This one even includes a local event and an instagram event that all readers can follow!

Fall is finally arriving in a creative themed tour starting next week!

Next for the themed furniture tour, it’s two tone time! Whatever that might be??? Hum!

Plus, I’m going shopping at the Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market and I’m taking you with me through instagram!

Click to read how DIY bloggers help sheltered animals and tag along on instagram….

Fall Home Decor Tour

Fall home tourI have a project no one should try!

Learn from my mistake!

An easy project everyone can try.

Fall decor that’s not my expected color.

I get to share them all today along with 18 creative blogging friends on the Fall Home Decor Tour!

Click here to follow along on the tour….

Framed Pumpkins

Framed Pumpkins #pumpkin #fall #halloweenI got the idea for these framed pumpkins yesterday and have been smiling since.


Isn’t a smile wonderful. Simple, lights up the whole room and makes FUN projects.

A smile makes your tummy feel good!

I wanted to make pumpkins using an orange cable knit wool sweater. So off the the thrift shop for the perfect orange cable knit wool sweater. Four thrift shops later…no orange cable knit wool sweater.

I stopped smiling…but only for about three minutes and another idea hit me.

Please click to read about making these framed pumpkins that had me smiling…

Unique Autumn Sign

Unique autumn sign #autumn #fall #sign

This project is soooo easy…

you don’t even have to clean your paintbrush!

And I don’t like cleaning my paintbrush…as you can see! :/

But I do like easy

and unique!!!!

Please click to continue reading and see the unique autumn sign…..

Country Design Keeping

Country Design Keeping http://countrydesignstyle.comToday I’m starting a new themed post called, Country Design Keeping.

I like the phase, “In someone’s keeping.”

This would be a place and time for housekeeping.

Not the dusty, piles of laundry, and dried on food dishes kind of housekeeping! Yuck!

Just a post with a collection of small things that by themselves are not quite enough for a whole post.

Please click to continue reading the “keeping” going on at Country Design Style…..

September Fall Wreath

September fall wreath #fall #wreath #rusticOn the first Monday of each month this year I’ve redecorated the same grapevine wreath. You can see all months do overs below. I’m also not purchasing anything to add to each wreath. Using only things I have on hand.

September is a fall, almost! When I think of a fall wreath, I think of burlap. I have burlap!

I started upstairs for the burlap, and then rethought.

What about something different???

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