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Autumn at the Cabin

Autumn-at-the-cabin-country-design-style-feature-polaroidIt’s autumn at the cabin!

I couldn’t be happier :D

My time of year with bulky sweaters, chunky scarves, and hot chocolate….well anytime is great for chocolate!

Today I’m sharing some autumn at the cabin photos with you.

Put on your sweater and scarf and click to see the cabin dressed for autumn…

How to make a rustic ladder

how-to-make-a-rustic-ladder-country-design-style-thumbHow to make a rustic ladder.

This is an easy DIY project. I just finished making two for friends.

It would be quick to make several to sell too! Hummm!

Please click to get the step by step instructions to make a rustic ladder….

DIY Fall Decor

poverty-to-diy-passion-country-design-style-featureDIY Fall Décor

I am extremely grateful for my childhood. My family didn’t have much during my younger years, but I had a rich childhood.

As a single young mother, I thrived on making beautiful rooms in our simple homes. A jigsaw and basic sewing machine were my tools. Turning yard sale and thrift shop finds into loved treasures.

Through time I worked hard and earned more money. My passion for DIY projects remained and actually grew over the years. So did my collection of tools! There are three DIY behaviors that I developed during those lean years:

Please click to read more about DIY Fall Decor and DIY Passion here…

Funky seat for my hiney

A funky seat for my hiney is just what I needed in my little workshop.

I have the seat. A wooden bar stool that was a sweet yard sale find for $3.

Since I’m using it in the workshop it needed to be funky and fun.

Now it is!

Please click to see my funky seat and MORE creative furniture pieces…

Circle Square Box Pillow

pillow tour graphic 3My made a circle square box pillow!

The best part…

it was easy!

The very best part…

you have a chance to win one of two $100 gift cards to onlinefabricstore!

Click here to read more about my easy pillow and that chance to win….

Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals

thrift-benefit-before-country-design-styleThis is the second annual Thrift Benefit for Sheltered Animals!

What does that mean?

Twenty two DIY bloggers got together to shop for projects at local thrift shops that sponsor a local animal shelter or….

they are sharing their furry animal stories or….

they are simply helping to bring awareness to the needs of sheltered animals.

I shopped…

and this is the shelf that I found at our local thrift shop that sponsors our local humane society.

I related to it on a physical level!

More on that in a bit!

Please click to read more and see lots of thrifty projects from 22 bloggers!

Easy Chalkboard Easel

Easy Chalkboard Easel #chalkboard #easel #diyQuick chalkboard easel

I had very little time and wanted to make a quick chalkboard easel for the furniture painting demo I did last weekend.

Inexpensive would be good too!

So here’s what I did.

Please click to

Canopy Legs

Canopy Legs http://countrydesignstyle.comCanopy Legs

Some of the best ideas come to me in the middle of the night.

This is one of those ideas.

Perfect for anyone who uses those portable canopies.

Please click here to read about the canopy legs I made….

Spooky Wreath

Spooky Wreath #halloween #wreathCan you guess what I used to make this black spooky wreath for October?

Materials are easily available and took about 15 minutes to make.

Please click to read more about the easy spooky wreath…

Chandelier Globe Pumpkin

pumpkin from chandelier globe #pumpkin #fallIt’s that time of year when anything somewhat round can be a pumpkin!

I walking around the house and in stores looking for round items to turn into pumpkins.

Anything totally different and unique.

I think I stumbled on something different and unique

Please click here to see and read more about the latest pumpkin….

My Friends Knock Off Tour

My friends knock off tour

My knock off is my favorite online catalog.

Ballard Designs

I’ve been knocking off their products for years. I don’t feel too bad because I a big customer too!

Wait is that a delivery truck outside!!!

Please click to read more about my friends knock off tour here…

Country Design Keeping 3

Country Design Keeping http://countrydesignstyle.comHappy Saturday!

It’s raining today in Arizona! So I thought I would sit on the front porch and write a quick Country Design Keeping post.

There’s still a ton of happenings I think you will enjoy.

Plus come “visit” and “DIY” with me “live” online tomorrow!

What fun!

Please click along to read more and how to DIY with me live online here…

Two Tone Furniture Makeover

Two tone furniture makeover #furnituremakeover #painting #DIYI’m blessed.

I have the opportunity to join a creative group of furniture makeover—ers!

I get to share their talents here with you…and learn things along the way.

This project moved me to step out from my usual style.

I had two “design assistants” for this project. They’re both two toned now!

Please click here to continue reading about the two tone furniture makeover here…

Festival of Fall Tour

Festival of Fall Tour #fall #falldecorFinally!

It’s fall ya’ll!

Add…it’s the Festival of Fall Tour time.

I’m blessed to have a wonderful group of creative blogger friends that allow my “outta the box” DIY projects to join their beautiful fall inspirations.

Let me know if I toned down my DIY for this tour, okay?

Please click here to see ALL the Fall Festival activities here….

Junk Shopping

junk shopping #junk #fun #diyI’m not a shopper.

Mike might think differently!

Heading out to buy clothes, shoes, groceries…ugh!

Junk Shopping….

I’m there!

and I’m there…

for hours!

This last Saturday was Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market in Scottsdale.

In Arizona it’s hard to find vintage goodness. When you do find a great chippy old window, or old barn wood you’re going to pay quite a bit.

To read and see picture of the vintage goodness I found click here…